Qing Garden Sea fennel hydrosols

Qing Garden planted the SEA FENNEL in Taiwan, with indoor farming methods.

No pollution, No pests, No pesticides!

菁菜園於台灣以室內土耕,種植栽培 海茴香 SEA FENNEL (CRITHMUM MARITIMUM) ,無污染源,無蟲害,無農藥。

Sea fennel, since the seedling to harvest, the growth period of eight months.

The distilled Sea fennel hydrosol clear the skin by improving circulation to dehydrated and delicate skin. It’s antiseptic and diuretic properties make it good at reducing skin puffiness. Can be used by all skin types but especially benefits dry skin. Add it to creams to combat dryness and enjoy its anti-aging effects. See more toned and smoother skin after using. Possesses the strong pleasant aroma of Sea Fennel.

Hydrosols are the organic distillation waters that are created in the process of extracting essential oils from plants. They carry all the benefits of essential oils but are much milder and can be used directly on the skin. The distilled waters carry the distinctive essence of the plant.